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Hessian State Archive Darmstadt

This documentation is a record of clergymen at the state church in Birstein, Germany. It was provided by the Hessische Staatsarchiv in Darmstadt, Germany. The document indicates that Johann Theobald von Löhr was a clergyman of the state church in Hessen-Kassel from 1615-1624. The previous reference of the von Lähr family of Switzerland also mentioned Johann Theobald–great-grandson of Hans Voller the hero of Grandson–who was a pastor of Kurzdorf and Neftenbach in 1610.

The Birstein documentation also lists children of Johann Theobald and Ursula von Löhr–including Johann Georg von Löhr who immigrated to the Penn Colony in1698.

Reference of the Johann Theobald and the von Lähr family of Switzerland
Johann Theobald von Löhr Reference