Van Leers In The Civil War

This collection is sourced by Ella (not wife of HMM Richards), HMM Richards, Pennsylvania Bar Association and the book Reading Furnace, 1736. All accounts mention most family members supporting the union or taking a neutral stance by moving to parts of Texas or beyond. The records also indicates that affiliate families on the confederate side e.g. Polks, etc were probably unknowingly shooting at their cousins the Van Leers on the battlefield. Records include former union and confederate families coming together post war through marriage.

Person or subject Lineage Description of Event
Samuel/William Van Leer
Married well known abolitionist and lawyer George Hussey Earle Sr
Samuel/William/Isaac W. Van Leer
Union: Private at age 15, died from wounds in battle and later featured in various publications as a hero
Samuel/Anthony/Rebecca Polk
Close Polk ties and warned confederates of a union advance
Isaac/William Van Leer

Union: Union Army colonel rank insignia.png Colonel

Union: Killed in Civil War
Samuel/Anthony/Elenora Kirkman
Isaac/Branson/Ella Van Leer

Union: U.S. Navy captain rank insignia (1864-1866).png Captain, married to Ella Van Leer and a huge contributor to earlier Van Leer archives

Samuel/Anthony Van Leer
Describes activities in TN, and post-war period.
Samuel/Anthony Van Leer
Shut down his TN Investment in support of Union and offered home as a Union HQ