Van Leer’s welcomed the Revolution with enthusiasm. Several Van Leers served as officers, stealth horse riders, surgeons, and even supplied musket repairs, cannons and cannon balls. Captain Samuel Van Leer in particular was with his brother in law and neighbor known as the “Mad” General Anthony Wayne during many of his campaigns.

Van Leers and affiliated families in the American Revolution
Name Description of Event
Private, Hanover County, VA.
Private, York County, PA Militia.
Captain of Flying Camp. Captured at Ft. Washington 1776.
Francis Miller
Capt., Rifleman Rangers, NC. At Hanging Rock and Guilford Court House.
Captain, 1st Battalion.
Bartholomew Kindred (II)
VA – at Yorktown.
Ambrose Nix and son, John Nix
Ambrose provided supplies. John was in SC militia.
2nd Lieutenant, Louisa, VA militia.
PA unit: 30th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 15th Division, Col. Fullerton Woods’ unit.
A medical doctor active during Revolution.
Surgeon, 4th Battalion of Chester County Militia.
Son-in-law was member of “British” Party.
Private, 1780-1782.
Captain, Light Dragoons and provided supplies
Brigadier General during Revolution.
Benedict Yeary
Provided supplies, Washington Co., VA