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Jim Francis, private researcher, descendant of Amanda Taylor Metcalfe.  Mr. Francis has compiled an extensive list of descendants of James Taylor and Margaret Yeary.  Email: [email protected]
Robert W. Evans, private researcher.  Email: [email protected]
Kathy Fuller, private researcher, descendant of John Taylor.  Email:  [email protected]
Private research, Webmaster, descendant of Minerva Francis Taylor.

European OriginsRootsWeb.com traces this Taylor family to England in 1627–but this researcher has not confirmed that information.

Moses Aaron TaylorThe oldest confirmed ancestor to Minerva Francis Taylor who married J.W. Branaman/Branhaman in 1883, is Moses Aaron Taylor who was born about 1788 in South Carolina and died October 1848 in Lee County, Virginia.

Moses Aaron Taylor appears to be the son of one of three brothers who moved to Washington County, VA (now Lee County) in 1812:  Nimrod, James, or William.   James seems the likely choice since Moses Aaron named his first son “James.”   Nimrod fought in the American Revolution, enlisting from Fauquier Co., VA. According to his pension application, he was born about 1756.  He died in Scott Co., VA July 16, 1834.  In 1855 when Nimrod’s wife died, the surviving children were: James Taylor, Sr. (born 1777), Polly wife of Henry Davison of Scott County, Lydia wife of James Johnson, Nimrod Taylor, Jr. with wife Judith.   Aaron Moses Taylor died in 1848 (before Nimrod’s widow died) so there is some possibility that he was a son of the patriot.

Aaron Moses married Martha Hill  in Washington County, Virginia in about 1810.  Aaron Moses and Martha Hill Taylor’s children included:

  • Thursia Ann Taylor. Born 1811 in Virginia.  Married George W. Blankenship.
  • James Taylor.  Born 1814 in Scott County, VA.  Married Margaret Yeary.  These are Minerva’s parents.
  • William Moses Taylor.  Born Nov. 2, 1816 in Scott County, VA.  Married Nancy Mark.
  • Hiram Ashley Taylor.  Born July 7, 1818 in Lee County, VA.  Married Martha Hilton.
  • Jane Taylor. Born 1824 in Scott County, VA.  Married William D. Harbour.
  • Robert S. Taylor. Born February 1826 in Scott County, VA.  Married Sarah Leddington.  Lived in Wayne Co., KY during the Civil War.  Baptist preacher in Waco, McLennan Co., TX in 1880.
  • Rachel Taylor. Born 1832 in Scott County, VA.  Married George Burgin.
  • Charles J. Taylor. Born 1831 in Scott County, VA..  Married Rachel Yeary.

Moses Taylor is in the 1810 Russell County, Virginia census.  In 1820 and 1830, he is in the Scott County censuses.  He bought and sold land in the 1820’s in Scott County.  In 1840, he is in the  census of Lee County, VA.  His will was made in October 1848 in Lee County.  His widow was living with the William Harbour family (married daughter Jane’s home) in the 1870 census.

At least 3 of the sons of Aaron Moses and Martha Hill Taylor relocated to Kentucky in the 1850’s.  James, Hiram Ashley and Robert S. Taylor all lived around the border between Pulaski and Wayne Counties.   Several of James and Hiram’s children have identical names:  there are 2 Elihus, 2 Williams, 2 Louisas, and 2 Marthas.  And James names a son after his brother, “Hiram.”  Hiram repeats the compliment with a son “James.”  Two of the cousins actually married each other–James’s son Lafayette Mach Taylor married Hiram’s daughter Nancy E. Taylor in 1873.  Both groups produce numerous Baptist preachers.  [More information on Baptist missionary church in Somerset, Kentucky.]

James TaylorJames Taylor was born in 1814  and died about 1862 in Wayne or Pulaski County, KY where he was a farmer.  His estate was settled in 1867.   James married Margaret Yeary about 1839 in Lee County, VA.  She was the daughter of William Yeary and Elizabeth Hubbard. [See Yeary Family History.]

James and Margaret Taylor moved from Lee County, VA to Kentucky about 1852.  The Taylors lived near Mill Springs in Wayne County Kentucky where one of the early Civil War battles took place in January 1862.   

This quiet pasture near the Taylor farm in Kentucky was part of the Battle of Mill Springs in 1862.  The engagement involved about 4,000 troops from each side.  Stories regarding watching the battle have been passed on through several descendants.   Their son, John, was 18 at the time and was inspired to join the Union Navy afterwards.

There were 13 children:

  1. Elihu Taylor.  Born 7/1/1839, Lee Co., VA.  Died 1/16/1892, McLennan Co., TX.  Married, first, probably Margaret Smith(not confirmed); second, Sara Ann Johnson, 3rd, Sarah Frances Price.  Elihu was a farmer and preacher.
  2. Sara Ann Taylor. Born 8/27/1841, Lee Co., VA. Died 5/9/1924, Hunt Co., TX.  Married, first, James J.  Sparks; second, Huriah Pennington.
  3. William Yeary Taylor. Born 4/8/1843, Lee Co., VA. Died 11/26/1902 Bee Co., TX.  Married Martha A. Suber.   William Y. Taylor was a  minister and school teacher.  According to his obituary, he moved to Hallsville, Harrison County, Texas in 1874 and then to Fort Worth in 1876.  In the 1880 census, his family was living in Weatherford, Park County, Texas where he was a school teacher.  He moved to Lagarto, Live Oak County, Texas in the early 1880’s where he helped found Lagarto College.  The family moved to Beeville in 1887.  William’s occupation in the 1900 census was “preacher.” 
  4. John Taylor. Born about 2/5/1844, Lee Co., VA.  Died 9/25/1930, Leavenworth Co., KS.  [View photo.] Married Elizabeth Burgin.  [View photo.]  John served in the Union Navy during the Civil War.  He died at the National Military Home in Delaware, Leavenworth Co., KS but his residence at the time was Houston, Texas.  In the 1890’s, John was the owner-operator of the Taylor Hotel in Waco, Texas.  [View photo of hotel.  John and Elizabeth, holding baby Herbert, and one of the older daughters are pictured on the right-hand side of the upper balcony.]
  5. Moses Newton Taylor.  Born 7/12/1845, Lee Co., VA.  Died 5/29/1921, Pulaski Co., KY.  Married Sarah Ellen Simpson.  Moses was a farmer.
  6. Hiram L. Taylor.  Born 2/19/1847, Lee Co., VA.  Died before 1850 in Lee Co.
  7. Amanda Elizabeth Taylor.  Born 9/15/1848, Lee Co., VA.  Died 8/22/1938, Tarrant Co., TX.  Married, first Charles Pollan Metcalfe; second, Johnathon Wilson Storms.  Amanda and Charles Metcalfe had 13 children.  The first 10 were born in Kentucky.  The family relocated to Texas in 1886 where the last 3 children were born.  According to census records, Charles was a farmer.  He died 11/29/1910.  Amanda married Jonathan Storms between 1910-1920 after Charles’s death. [View photo – Charles and Amanda Metcalfe, c. 1865]
  8. Lafayette Mach Taylor.  Born 6/13/1850, Lee Co., VA.  Died 5/4/1930 Linn Co., OR.  Married, first, Nancy E. Taylor; second, Mary Ann Lightfoot (Todd).  Census records indicate that Lafayette Mach Taylor was a farmer.  Family records mention that he was also a preacher during part of his life.
  9. Martha Taylor.  Born 2/20/1852, Lee Co., VA.  Died during the Civil War.
  10. Louisa M. Taylor.  Born 3/10/1854, Wayne Co., KY.  Died 10/12/1945 Pulaski Co., KY.  Married, first Laban Tarter; second, Laton B. Weddle.   They were farmers.
  11. Minerva Francis Taylor.  [View photo.]  Born 8/30/1856, Wayne Co., KY. Died 8/21/1945 Collin Co., TX.  Married Joseph Weaver Branaman/Branhaman.  [Go to Texas Branaman History Section.] [View Texas Branaman Family Photos.]  J.W. Branaman met Minerva Taylor while studying for the Baptist ministry at the First Baptist Church in Somerset.  While he never became a minister, he did serve as a song leader and was an church active member his whole life.  The Branamans were tenant-farmers.
  12. Andrew Campbell Taylor.  Born 5/14/1859, Wayne Co., KY.  Died March 1950 Pulaski Co., KY.  Andrew was a minister in Kentucky.
  13. Laura Dom Taylor.  Born 3/29/1861 in KY.   Married Robert T. Owens (or Owen) 7/28/1881 in Wayne County, KY.  They moved with their 4 children to Caldwell County, Missouri.  Robert died here on 2/27/1912; Laura died on 12/18/1919.  They are buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Cameron, MO.