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Anthony Wayne Van Leer

Anthony Wayne Van Leer. Sometimes Commander or Captain Anthony Wayne Van Leer. (Capt.).  Born 6/27/1908, Washington. Died 10/15/2000.  Married 10/22/1936 at Great Falls Church, Virginia to Grace Beaman (born 1/13/1907 in Washington). Grace is the daughter of Maurice Reagan and Elizabeth Bailey Beaman of North Carolina. Anthony Wayne graduated Central High School and later from Dartmouth in […]

Mount Zion AME Church

Village of Lima The members of Mount Zion A.M.E. Church supported the Anti-Slavery Society’s effortto help runaway slaves reach freedom. New Jersey was intimately associated withPhiladelphia and the adjoining section in the Underground Railroad System. New Jerseyprovided at least three important outlets for runaways, from the territory South and Westof the Delaware River. About the […]

Batman’s Real Life Wayne Family

A fun family tradition is highlighting the connection to Bruce Wayne. Writer Bill Finger named Bruce Wayne after our ancestor Anthony Wayne and used him as inspiration. Therefore it is family tradition that we’re not saying we’re Batman and we’re also not saying we’re not Batman… Another fun fact, Wayne’s real descendant Blake R Van […]

Civil War2

Much of our Civil War collection is sourced by HMM Richards. All accounts mention most family members supporting the union or taking a neutral stance by moving to parts of Texas or beyond (even California in some cases). The records also indicates that affiliate families on the confederate side e.g. Polks, etc were probably unknowingly shooting […]

General Anthony Wayne

General “Mad” Anthony Wayne Anthony was an American military officer and statesman who joined the American Revolutionary War with enthusiasm. His significant contributions to the success of the Revolution are widely documented and there are numerous published biographies available. The most accurate book about Anthony is probably the most recent book “The Unlikely General” by […]

The Village of Lima

Village of Lima The Village of Lima is historically significant because its 19th Century residents were active in the anti-slavery and Washingtonian temperance movements.  The involvement of ordinary citizens in both of these socially responsible causes was instrumental in shaping the cultural and political history of the united States. Philadelphia was the center of the […]

A Bullet Through This Pretty Head

The History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1881 gives a detailed account of this young man’s devotion to the Union.  Fighting with coolness bravery,” is how Captain C.M.G. Eicholtz of Co, B, 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteers described 15 -year-old Isaac Van Leer during the Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia. Eicholtz reported that Van Leer’s voice could be […]

Van Leer Cabins

This is the story about the Van Leer Cabins. There are two cabins still standing today, which served as a underground railroad stations. The family is on record financially supporting the stations through a local AME Church on this page. The Van Leers were close friends of the Earle family and a George Hussey Earle […]

1956 Sugar Bowl

Van Leer was already catching heat for pushing through a vote to allow women into Georgia Tech. The vote passed by a split decision. During the lead up to the 1956 Sugar Bowl, Van Leer received death threats, media and political pressure to cancel this game… Summary: Segregationists tried to keep Pitt fullback/linebacker Bobby Grier […]

Battle of Grandson

Thank you to Ella Van Leer, Blake was able to find out about much of his family’s history later in life. As an orphan he only knew his last name and was told he must be dutch and from possibly from Pennsylvania. Ella did so much research, she was considered the family’s historian and even […]